What I’m Reading Wednesday

photo (3)

I usually have more than one book going. I have a long work commute so there is pretty much always an audiobook going in my car. My local library does instant downloads for audiobooks and ebooks, which I love!! So here’s what I’m reading right now:


1. Anna and the French Kiss (audiobook) – For a while I didn’t understand what the hype was about. Sure it was a cute story, but I wasn’t riveted. Then Thanksgiving happened. Sigh. I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m on the last c.d. and can’t wait to finish it!!

2. Eleanor and Park (ebook) – I had the instant audio download for this one but didn’t get to finish it in time, so I’ve switched to the ebook version. I really like this story! Such a cute and honest description of young love.

3. And the Mountains Echoed (ebook) – I LOVED Khaled Hosseini’s previous books. I read them ravenously and was left in a fog afterwards. This one just hasn’t sucked me in the way the others did. I’m over half way done, and I will finish!!! It’s just one I’ll have to come back to later after I finish E&P

Up Next: I just checked out the Beautiful Bastard audiobook, so I’m popping that bad boy in as soon as I’m done with AatFK!


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