One line inspiration – the #Music edition

These are all beautiful songs. They get me every time. 

She’s under my arm I am under her skin.” – Beat Connection, Palace Garden 4 a.m.
My heart ticking like a bomb in a birdcage.” A Fine Frenzy, What I Wouldn’t Do
She never lets me get too comfortable, hot coffee jitters in my skull” – American Royalty, Mariah
You spoke like broken thunder deep into the center of me” – Wild Cub, Thunder Clatter
I know a lot about closing doors, but not enough about what opens up yours.” – Andrew Belle, Oh My Stars
I took it like a grown man, crying on the pavement, hoping you would show your face” – Manchester Orchestra


One thought on “One line inspiration – the #Music edition

  1. I love A Fine Frenzy!! I discovered them about 3 years ago with Almost Lover and since then I’ve listened to all their songs available on Youtube (I think). As for the other songs in your post, they’re awesome, I’m so glad you made them known here! ❤

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