4 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Hey. I wanted to thank you for the nomination by stopping by. 🙂 I love music as well, my favorite kind is alternative and I love musicals too. I wish I read nearly as many books as you have! I’ve only read… ten, but I just started reading again in June so…that’s not too horrible….I think. It kind of is though. I started three other books, one’s a re-read, the other’s a bit too long for me to want to read to read all the way through right now and the newest one is an ARC I received in a giveaway. Wow. I talk a lot. I apologize. Haha.

    I ordered We Were Liars! I’m so excited to get it although I unfortunately HAVE found out part of the summary by reading parts of the summary on accident. I’m still excited for it. I haven’t seen or read ANY Harry Potter books. I was just never into it really.

    Good luck on writing your debut! I do a little writing here and there. Not so much fiction writing since I started blogging though unfortunately.

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