5 NA Books Worth Reading!

I have been in an insatiable reader lately, finally getting through a bunch of books that have long topped my TBR list. The thing is, I knew the hype, I knew what others had said, but for whatever reason these books had just been hanging out on my ereader, unread. Looking back, I wish I’d gotten to these sooner. They are gems. They completely sucked me in.

Here’s my list of 5 recent reads that were TOTALLY worth reading:

  1. Ugly Love – Colleen Hoover. Just wow. This book blew my mind. I read it quickly, ravenously, and then I promptly read it again, loving every word.
  2. Maybe Someday – Colleen Hoover. After being completely captivated by Ugly Love, I had to read the book some claimed was even better. I’ll admit it didn’t outrank Ugly Love for me, but a great, engrossing read nonetheless.
  3. Mud Vein – Tarryn Fisher. Totally not what I was expecting, but beautifully done. Gritty. Engrossing. I could not put this one down.
  4. Fallen Too Far – Abbi Glines. In all fairness, I should probably list all four of the Too Far books here, because seriously, they are that good. All of them. Because this is the first, the one that kickstarted my Rush Crush and derailed my entire weekend while I soaked in every word of the series, it gets the credit here.
  5. Sweet Filthy Boy – Christina Lauren. Another book that took me by surprise. Not at all what I was expecting but exactly what I wanted to read. The words stood out to me, so beautifully capturing the fall, the rush, the uncertainty of love. I completely recommend.

ugly  maybe  mud  fallen  sweet

Now I just need to figure out what to read next! 🙂


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